The Ultimate Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcake

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes

It’s National Cupcake Day!! Get yourself to the kitchen an enjoy some delicious chocolatey cupcakes! This recipe was originally conceived several years ago for the elder Kitchen Diva In Training’s 9th birthday. But, it’s so good we decided to repost today- we keep coming back to this recipe- sometimes making modifications like adding a teaspoon […]

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Rickoli Brewery: Brewing DELICIOUS Gluten-Reduced Beer

A Taste of Heaven

When was the last time you enjoyed a really GREAT beer? In fact, when was the last time you had YOUR CHOICE of several great beers??? Ever? Since before you were diagnosed with Celiac, or gluten-intolerance, or a gluten-allergy? For me it’s been 16 years…. Yes, 16 years of being in a gluten-free beer desert. […]

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Last minute Christmas Creations: Chocolate Maple Bourbon Balls

gluten free bourbon balls

Picture this: You get a last minute invite to a party- like *seriously* last  minute… “Hey, we’re having a party…in an hour…can you come?? And bring something??”  Or, your mother’s long-lost second cousin fourteen-times-removed calls you because she’s ‘just passing through’ and wants to stop by- in 25 minutes… Or, you’re Christmassed out, and are […]

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2 Easy Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

Easy Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

For those of you who are working right up until the Holidays- I sympathize. For those of you who work retail, hospital shifts, night jobs, or more than one job- I really sympathize. If you’re a working foodie- this time of year can be really tough to channel your inner Kitchen Diva, work, be attentive […]

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