Brownie Cookies


Did you know The Adventuresome Kitchen’s Chocolate Lover’s TDF (to die for) Brownie Mix makes great cut-out cookies? It does indeed! We design our mixes to be as versatile as possible- because some days you want something a little more elegant than a simple brownie…something a bit more lovey-dovey. It’s also a perfect way to […]

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Gluten Free French Toast

Cornbread French Toast

Continuing with our breakfast theme this week, I’d like to discuss french toast. French toast is super easy to make gluten free- all you need is gluten free bread, or in this case, leftover cornbread (Thank you to fabulous photographer Rebekah West for the brilliant idea!) In this case, we actually used leftover Polenta Cake […]

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Savory Ham & Cheese Waffles (gluten free)

gluten free ham & cheese waffles

Sometimes you just need breakfast food for dinner. Or dinner food for breakfast. These savory waffles make the case for either. Cheesy, savory, and fluffy- they make a delicious change from traditional waffles any time of day. And if you’re into the whole sweet & savory contrast, be sure to slather them in some flavorful […]

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Cellar Rat Wine


Why write about a wine shop on a website dedicated to food? Because good wine elevates good food, and good food makes good wine taste better. I love wine, but I love wine & food more. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Located at 17th & Baltimore in the heart of […]

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Bacon Broccoli w/ Dijon Vinaigrette

Bacon Broccoli

There’s a reason to keep bacon on hand. It enlivens pretty much everything…Sundaes? Add bacon. Chocolate Chip Cookies? Add bacon. Kale, Broccoli, or any other good for you veggie? Oh yeah…definitely add the bacon. Many of you have indicated you’re working towards incorporating more veggies into your diet, but that you can’t get past the […]

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