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March 2011 / 4 posts found

Gluten Free Fish and Chips with chipotle lime mayonnaise

Gluten Free Fish and Chips w/ Chipotle Lime Mayo

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
This month’s 5 Star Makeover really kicked my ass.. It’s all about Sustainable Fish, and that is a great topic. Sustainable Fish is important. If we want to make sure that our oceans and rivers have food for future generations, Sustainable Fish is more than important- it has to become a way of life, and soon. Our large fish populations are in peril, our freshwater fish supplies are largely contaminated, and we foodies need to get the word out about the importance of using sustainably harvested…
Gluten Free Orange Almond Tea Cakes

Gluten-Free Orange Almond Tea Cake; A Tea Party and a Cause

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
Happy Spring! My daffodils decided to get in on the celebration by blooming yesterday. Today is an auspicious day, not only because spring is finally here, but it is also the one-year anniversary of my blog! What better way to celebrate a blog anniversary than with a party? And, since we're in the party spirit, why not have a tea-party for an awesome cause? Foodbuzz in conjunction with Kelly Confidential is hosting an online tea part to benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. By simply clicking…
straw and hay pasta

Gluten Free Straw and Hay Pasta

Happy St. Patrick's Day! While we do get on our Irish around here, today's post will not feature corned beef, colcannon, bannocks, boxtys or any other typical Irish fare.... But in keeping with the spirit of green everything today, this fun dish includes green pasta! This recipe for Straw and Hay pasta was re-created by my oldest Kitchen Diva in Training. She has started working on geography by checking out cookbooks from different countries and then selecting a dish or two to prepare- how cool…

Buffalo Pot Pie with Gluten Free Green Chile Cheddar Drop Biscuits

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
This week's crock pot recipe is hearty and flavorful- Buffalo Pot Pie w/ Gluten Free Green Chile Cheddar Drop Biscuits. Don't let the length of the recipe intimidate you. I went and got involved with another fun group of recipe swappers, this one hosted by the illustrious Christianna who blogs at Burwell General Store. She found an awesome old vintage cookbook, and for the past few months folks have been recreating and revamping one recipe a month. If you've stumbled across this in your blog wanderings,…
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