Introducing…..The Adventuresome Kitchen Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Well it’s here! A day that I only dreamed about, and figured was for someone else. And here I am- happy to tell you after years of prodding from friends, family & fans (thank you all!!) that The Adventuresome Kitchen is launching a line of premium quality gluten free baking mixes!

Years ago, it was my general frustration with the lack of quality gluten free mixes on the market that drove me into the kitchen to start experimenting. As a self-professed food snob, I *hated* that everything I tried was so…..gluten free. I wanted texture, I wanted flavor, I wanted something that would approximate what I had enjoyed eating previously that now I couldn’t. And at a party, I didn’t want to be the odd one out- everyone looking at me with pity because my pathetic little gluten free cookie tasted like crumbly cardboard.

I guess I can say I’ve been obsessed with creating quality pastries that *everyone* will enjoy- regardless of their ability to consume gluten.

And so- here, finally is something I am so proud of. And, I’m thrilled I get to share it with the world. Right now there are two mixes.

Grama’s Pie Crust Plus- in honor of my grandmother’s famous flakey pie crust. This crust is flakey, fork tender, and sturdy. It also has applications beyond pie crust- it makes great cut out cookies, scones, and crackers!

Chocolate Lover’s (To Die For) Brownie Mix- Super chocolatey, chewy (if you love them that way like I do), and with the texture of a ‘true’ brownie. You will be proud to serve these to anyone!












I’m so glad you asked!

This weekend: October 12 & 13th- The Adventuresome Kitchen will be at the Mother Earth News Fair in Lawrence, Kansas. Stop by our Booth for a taste of gluten free deliciousness, and a demo of how the pie crust works!

After That…We’ll be launching on Amazon a few weeks later (once we’ve replenished our supply!) so that EVERYONE in the U.S. can enjoy them! Stay tuned here or on our Facebook page, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available nation wide!






  1. Nancy says

    Yea! Finally great piecrust just in time for Thanksgiving. No more of Oma’s pumpkin pie filling baked “naked”!!!!

    • Jennifer Lee Robinson says

      I think you’ll be very happy with it. Plus it has additional applications like scones and cutout cookies! We should be ready to launch in the next 2-3 weeks!

  2. says

    I am so happy that I met you at The Mother Earth Fair in Lawrence. Your brownies and piecrust are absolutely amazing! As a Holistic Nutrition Coach, I will recommend this to my family, my clients and students. I removed gluten from my diet a year ago and I am so happy to taste your delicious mixes. When I read the ingredient label I was so happy to find all “real food” ingredients. Although treats are not a regular part of my diet it is so great to find something that really tastes so GOOD! Congratulations!

    • Jennifer Lee Robinson says

      Karen, thank you so much! It was great to meet you too! Yes, as I was saying to someone- I would hope that people recognize that these are delicious treats, not food to be consumed for breakfast, lunch, & dinner! I’m so glad you enjoy them! We’ll be launching on Amazon in the next month where they’ll be available to anyone in the US! Stop by again and check out some of our more nutritious posts! :)

  3. Terrell williams says

    The new brownie mix is a wonderful! We’ve had a fight here over the last one on the plate. Thanks! Yum…

    • Jennifer Lee Robinson says

      Thank you so much!!! It’s available locally in Kansas City now, and will be available on Amazon very soon!

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