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Gluten Free Chocolate Maple Bourbon Balls

gluten free bourbon balls

Gluten Free Chocolate Maple Bourbon Balls

by Jennifer Lee Robinson

Boozey Bourbon BallsPicture this: You get a last minute invite to a party- like *seriously* last  minute… “Hey, we’re having a party…in an hour…can you come?? And bring something??”  Or, your mother’s long-lost second cousin fourteen-times-removed calls you because she’s ‘just passing through’ and wants to stop by- in 25 minutes… Or, you’re Christmassed out, and are supposed to bring something- anything- to the Christmas dinner feast, and you’re out of time and ideas…

Have no fear!!! These delicious chocolate maple bourbon balls are just thing. They are lightning fast to put together- seriously- my friend Elke posted a pic of her version of these last night, and less than 20 minutes later I was in confection heaven. The original recipe as shared with me called for rum not bourbon, white karo not maple syrup, and traditional (ie gluten-bomb) ‘nilla wafers.

I just happened to have one half cup of bourbon left in the bottle, and prefer using maple syrup to karo most days. Instead of ‘nilla wafers, I used 3 boxes of Schär gluten free vanilla wafers- these are the skinny rectangles with the waffle tops and frosting in between…LOVED them as a kid- SO happy to have GF versions available now…

The best thing about this recipe? You get to play with your food and lick your fingers!! We thought about calling them Booze Balls, or Boozey Bourbon Balls, but really, as long as you call them delicious I’m okay! ;0

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and Much Good Food!

Happy Eating!

Gluten Free Chocolate Maple Bourbon Balls

Gluten Free Chocolate Maple Bourbon Balls



  1. Place walnut pieces and chunks of the cookies into a food processor.
  2. Pulse until mixture is fine and well blended
  3. Turn out into a bowl
  4. Add cocoa powder and toss with a fork
  5. Add maple syrup and combine
  6. Add bourbon and combine until mixture is the consistency of play-do
  7. Using your hands, roll into balls the size of super balls
  8. Optional Roll balls in powdered sugar, coconut, maple sugar, or some other confection of your choice!

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  • January 4, 2014

    Chocolate – Maple – Bourbon….. all I can say is yes, please! Hope you, your husband, and the Divas had a tasty holiday season and that your new biz is going well. I promise one of these days soon to post on your fab gluten free brownie mix….YUM!

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