Beef Burgers w/ Kale & Feta

We took our first family vacation (as in we didn’t have to work while away) to the ocean only to have major life events interfere. My husband had to cut his trip short to rush to the bedside of his dying brother. It doesn’t get any more real life than that. Suffice it to say that while sitting in paradise pondering life’s major questions and realities, I realized that while I love writing and blogging,  I just needed to be present- present to the sound of breaking waves and sand between my toes,  present to the realities of grief and love, joy and laughter, present to the good company we had, and yes- present to the incredible bounty of fresh seafood we experienced.  So while it’s belated- here is the best burger recipe ever (that is, until I come up with something even more scrumptious!) If you’re in the Kansas City area- sign up for the gluten-free cooking class I’ll be teaching on August 26th at my local Whole Foods. Be well, and enjoy a meal with your loved ones today!

The Best Burger Ever

I recognize that’s quite a claim, but in my subjective opinion, this was certainly the best burger I’ve had in quite some time. In large part because the meat I was using was so delicious. I can’t encourage you enough to seek out a local source of grass-fed and finished beef. If you’ve never had beef like this, it really does taste different than the .99/lb meat you get from your mega-market. Sure it may cost a few dollars more, but the meat is leaner, richer, and free from antibiotics, hormones, and other yucky stuff. For me, that is worth the extra cost. Happy cows=happy beef=happy body. You really are what you eat.

These burgers also have a healthy dose of kale added. I’ve posted about kale previously, and this is just another way to sneak all that goodness into a food  my kids happily gobble down. They like kale anyways, but they will tell you it’s fun to have green stuff in your burger. While I have yet to perfect a gluten-free hamburger bun- I’m working on it- I did discover that the Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread divided and cooked like drop biscuits works nicely. It’s flexible enough not to fall apart when you bite into the burger. Follow the directions, but once the oven is turned down to 350, shorten the cooking time to about 20 minutes. If you watch the tops of the biscuits, you’ll be able to tell when to pull them from the oven. As always, if you’re not a kale fan, or if you don’t like an added ingredient, experiment with adding something that’s tasty to you. Here are some other ingredients I’ve used in the past: sun-dried tomato, bacon, bleu cheese, spinach, green chiles.. you get the idea. Enjoy!

Beef Burgers with kale and feta, and chipotle mayonnaise

makes 8 small patties


Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread– cooked like  drop biscuits and sliced in 1/2

1 lb ground beef, preferably locally grown grass-fed/finished

1 small onion, diced

2 cups kale, julienned and chopped into pieces

1 cup feta crumbles

1/3 cup mayonnaise

chipotle powder to taste


For Buns: Follow directions for Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread, but instead of cooking in one large loaf, drop by large spoonfuls into 8 sections (think drop biscuits). Make the X shape on each one to facilitate rising, cook at the high temp for the allotted time, and then reduce the lower temp cooking time by 5-10 minutes. When they’re golden on top, they’re done.

For Burgers: Place beef in a bowl and with your hands work in the chopped onion. Next work in the kale, and lastly the cheese crumbles. Form into patties and grill or pan-fry to your desired level of done-ness. In a separate bowl place mayonnaise, and add chipotle seasoning to taste. Stirring until the powder is thoroughly mixed in. Cut one of the gluten-free Irish Soda-Bread biscuits in half, place a burger on the bottom, add a dollop of the mayonnaise and top with the other half of the bun. Serve with popcorn okra!

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