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GF leftovers

Gluten Free Albuquerque

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
I'm continually amazed at the exploding world of gluten-free awareness. This past week I was down in Albuquerque to do Thanksgiving with my relatives- a gluten-full bunch, but who always make me and the Kitchen Divas in Training feel welcome at the table. While I didn't have much time to hit the streets in search of new and exotic green-chile culinary delights, I did manage to stop by a few new places in my favorite Nob Hill neighborhood. Slice Parlor- a newish establishment with tasty GF Pizza…

Buffalo Pot Pie with Gluten Free Green Chile Cheddar Drop Biscuits

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
This week's crock pot recipe is hearty and flavorful- Buffalo Pot Pie w/ Gluten Free Green Chile Cheddar Drop Biscuits. Don't let the length of the recipe intimidate you. I went and got involved with another fun group of recipe swappers, this one hosted by the illustrious Christianna who blogs at Burwell General Store. She found an awesome old vintage cookbook, and for the past few months folks have been recreating and revamping one recipe a month. If you've stumbled across this in your blog wanderings,…
chicken green chile soup

Chicken Green Chile Soup

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
I have to publicly thank Karen at Tasty Trials for a mouthwatering tortilla soup recipe that had me fantasizing about crunchy, spicy soup all weekend. So last night, I jumped in with both feet and for the first time ever, fried my own tortillas!!! Who knew it was so easy? 3 sticks of vegetable shortening, a bunch of leftover (as in stale) corn tortillas, cut into mini triangles, and I was in business. The chips didn't last through the meal. Next, I need to apologize to my children for going overboard…
Greek Chicken Tacos

Greek Chicken Tacos

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's another culture smash-up. This time inspired by my desire to have fish tacos, when in fact, I had a chicken thawing in the sink! (I had planned greek chicken) So my thought process went something like this: "Fish tacos sound really great right now-  a little citrus, a little crunch, a little fresh veg, a little heat....hmmmm.... but I have greek chicken ready to go.." So I figured, what the heck- greek chicken is lemon and garlic and oregano- and I happened to be…
New Mexico Green Chile Stew

New Mexican Green Chile Stew

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
"The Hatch" is in!!! If you've ever spent time in New Mexico, you understand this to mean that the world's best green chile is now available for consumption. In New Mexico this time of year, drive by any grocery store parking lot, vacant lot, or roadside stand and stop to inhale. That warm, smokey, somewhat pungent fragrance is the smell of Hatch green chiles roasting away. In my opinion, it's the only way to get them. And, I know people who used to live in New Mexico who now pay handsomely for…
Heaven on a plate

Gluten Free Tortillas

by Jennifer Lee Robinson
Of the foods I have missed most on this ‘no wheat flour’ journey, a good stretchy tortilla has been close to the top. And a good gluten free tortilla has been hard- no, impossible- to find in the stores. I grew up on a steady diet of tortillas. Breakfast burritos, bean burritos, quesadillas, the pot-luck favorite- tortillas with cream cheese and green chile, rolled up and sliced thin. You name it- if it was served up with a tortilla, I have probably consumed it. That is, before I knew they were…
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