Cream of Carrot Leek Soup

The snow has started to fly again in Paris, but tonight we were warmly tucked inside before it started sticking to the streets. And while we were damp upon returning to le petite apartment we were not drowned rats- a welcome change from some of the past days. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow we’ll have been here a week. I haven’t seen one museum, nor done half the things I set out to do, but we have had an amazing visit so far, with more to come. Today, a few more pictures from the last few days, and a recipe for a simple and very warming soup- Cream of Carrot Leek Soup- something nice for a cold snowy evening!

This picture here is representative of the way we’ve been eating most days- a little cheese, a little sausage, a little fruit, and then after, a little salad. Very simple and satisfying fare-the kind that gives you the energy to walk four miles or more taking it all in amidst the drizzle and cold.

In many ways, today was a very special day- we met a longtime friend of my grandfather’s who welcomed us with open arms, and we spent an afternoon speaking in French and English. Of course, I left with a handful of recipes that I can’t wait to attempt!

And before that, I met a fellow food blogger and made a new friend. I have only been blogging about gluten-free food for nine months. In that time, I have encountered a world of amazing new people. People who are as generous with their time and encouragement as they are with sharing their recipes on their own blogs. As a result,  I regularly have conversations with people around the world about food and cooking, and have felt my horizons expanding exponentially. But it is extra special when you get to meet- even for a brief time- someone with whom you have an instant rapport and mutual appreciation. Cristina who writes the blog From Buenos Aires to Paris, met me and my family today for a delightful walk along the Champs Elysées. If you’ve never visited her blog, I suggest you hop over and prepare yourself for some great recipes and exquisite photos- all delivered with great enthusiasm and a marvelous sense of humor! We traded stories while the girls enjoyed some hot pomme frites from the Village du Noel and ended our time together with a visit to a fancy store at the top of the Champs to purchase some Pierre Hermé macarons. Thank you Cristina for a lovely visit, and for making us feel so welcome here!

Macarons are naturally gluten-free, and we have made a point of sampling as many different ones as possible during the last six days. Pierre Hermé macarons are far from traditional- try adventurous flavors like Rose, White Truffle with Chestnut, and Chocolate with Green Tea for starters. I’d post a picture, but they didn’t fare well during our walkabout today, and so sadly, I will have to return to purchase more so that I can post a nice photo!

After such a lovely day, imagine returning to our ‘home street’ to enjoy a little conversation with the shopkeepers while we purchased ingredients for dinner! C’est tres jolie!

In keeping with the late hour, the impending snow, and the need to prepare something quick, a simple soup seemed to be in order. Carrots and leeks looked good, so we decided to add some creme fraiche and voilá! Le bonne soup!

Enjoy the photo montage below, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere tonight, may you be as warm of heart and body as we have been today. Bon Appétit!